Ether Podcast 003 – SPFZ
October 15, 2017


Daar is a producer from La Mancha based in Berlin that provides an elegant and avant-garde view of the current house scene, leaving aside his more personal and introspective facet which we were used to in his last releases. After two years since he started this new career and in which he released himself his debut album ' A Place To Be ', he managed to make a place for himself in the label Sofa tunes with his new EP ' Quetzal '. With this exclusive Podcast for Ether, Daar reviews from the Lo-Fi sound to house classics, weaving in eclectic melodies of national talents such as Sau Poler or Pyrenees.


01. Bryce Helm - Gone
02. Marshall Jefferson vs Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Out There Mix)
03. Sau Poler - Noseblunt (Dub)
04. Soft Fit - North Shore
05. Cristo - House of Surf
06. VHS - Nºstalgia (Spanish Cut)
07. Daar - Sexy Dancing
08. Pyrenees - RNA2
09. Eddie Kendricks - Keep On Truckin' (Simon Garcia's Barely Legal Remake)
10. Aquatic Language - Relief
  • Spanish
  • English